Our client Hugo Lopez, Spanish professional soccer player is in luck! after receiving the Award 2021/A/7861 with the victory against a soccer club in Oman. A legal fight against the club for more than 5 years and 4 proceedings in FIFA and the Swiss Federal Tribunal. A victory of the entire team of Ortega Sports Law. A huge and excellent work of each one, led by Rosalia Ortega: Nicolas Senderowicz, Paola Vallarino and Jose Cano-Coloma Paula.

A Legally Interesting Case.

Termination of contract with just cause, pandemic and the freedom of the player to choose the club where to work regardless of the job offers offered by the employer club. In addition, the player was ordered to pay costs and ordered to pay costs in favor of the player.

We thank Hugo López for the trust he has placed in us throughout his professional career. A total of 10 lawsuits against clubs in Mexico, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Oman with victory in all of them.

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